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Secure your home today by having your locks re-keyed, or upgrading to high security deadbolts. Northland Locksmith provides St. Paul and Minneapolis with quality, affordable residential locksmith service. We take pride in increasing your home’s security.

Don’t get left out in the cold. Call us today to schedule residential service.

How can Northland locksmith make your home safer?

Northland locksmith is the company you call to get you into your house when your locked out. Who better then us to know what makes that task difficult, or better yet near impossible?

  1. Add a deadbolt to exterior doors which lack them. This is the absolute most valuable upgrade you can make to your home’s physical security. If you have a exterior door without a deadbolt we highly recommend you have one installed. Knobs and levers are easily forced open.
  2. We sell and install high security locks.  High security locks are virtually pick/bump proof, and they are harder to force through. If your serious about home security, call us for pricing and additional information specific to your property.
  3. Reinforce weak strike plates. DIY deadbolt installation is common, therefore weak strike plates are also common.
  4. Ensure key control.  We re-key locks eliminating all old keys in existence. Your old keys are replaced with a new and different set of keys.  Just move in? Which neighbors have a key?
    • Have two doors and four different keys? We can get you down to one key for all of your locks!
  5. Maximize Reliability. Do your locks “feel sticky?” This is do to worn pins and springs as well as bad key copies. Don’t get stuck out in the cold. When we re-key your locks not only to you reclaim total key control, most locks are rebuilt to like new condition in the process. While re-keying your locks we install new pins and wafers for optimal function & maximum reliability. You will receive a set of new keys that will turn smooth for years to come.

What are High Security Locks?

With a high security lock you are well protected from the most common bypass techniques. They are nearly impossible to pick and “bump.” They are highly impact resistant, difficult to drill out, and tough to pry.  When making your purchase you can choose a restricted keyway ensuring you are the only person who can purchase keys for your locks. They cannot be copied even by a locksmith, Medeco restricts and regulates key distribution to the owner of each specific lock. It’s no surprise we see them used in prisons and high security government facilities. For those serious about home security recommend investing in Medeco deadbolts for your exterior doors. Medeco sells some of the most attractive deadbolts available. If your expecting them to look bulky or unattractive in some way you couldn’t be more wrong.

Call us for details on pricing, and color/finish availability.

What if I don’t have a hole above my knob/lever to add a deadbolt?

We can drill out doors to accept deadbolts to match your knob and key!

A properly installed deadbolt is absolutely critical to home security. If your door was only pre-drilled to accept one lock we can drill it out to accept another. Its an affordable upgrade with a very attractive cost benefit ratio. If you have a exterior door without a deadbolt it’s a weak point. Knobs are liable fail with one swift kick from average Joe, a knob alone will only keep an honest man out. A quality deadbolt will help discourage forced entry. Often home invasion is a crime of opportunity. Don’t let your home become a target.

Providing home security is easily the most rewarding part of this job. Hiring Northland Locksmith to secure a property on your behalf ensures weak points in your home-security are brought to your attention and properly addressed. We install quality products the correct way, without cutting corners. We work hard to give your home  security, the creative edge it needs to remain secure for years to follow. Talk to one of our professional locksmiths today about your security goals, and priorities.

We work smart, so your locks work hard.

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