Chrysler, Dodge, Jeep Ignition Repair

Chrysler, Dodge, & Jeep Ignition Switch Repair

Repair & Rekey Ignition Switch

New Mopar springs and wafers wafers. Have your ignition rebuilt and reclaim reliable transportation.

For those that don’t know “Mopar” covers these three auto manufactures. Mopar Ignition switches regularly fail. Northland Locksmith is able to come out to your vehicle and repair your ignition on location. We have found that a combination of weakening springs, and “sticky” internal components cause these to fail. Sometimes bent wafers cause these failures and need to be removed and other times the parts are literally sticky. In either case we can come repair your ignition and get you back on the road. Don’t get your car towed to a a mechanic, you would be throwing away money. Call us and we can make the repair fast and affordable. We come to you, can it get any more convenient?