Replacement Car Keys

Car Key Replacement

24/7 Auto Locksmith | When you have no car keys.

chip keys
We are able to replace lost car keys for nearly every car on the road today.

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Does your car use a transponder key?

Transponder Car Key List

Complete automotive locksmith service. You do not have to depend on the dealership to replace lost car keys, you can call us and pay a fair price. We create replacement car keys on a daily basis. With one call to us you’ll be hearing your engine in no time. Our mobile service saves you time, and saves you from paying to tow your car to a dealer. Our car keys are guaranteed to work, and work well. Our locksmiths carry a full line of quality transponder keys.  Do you have a time constraint? Northland locksmith arrives confident that we can program even the newest vehicles because we use  the industry’s most reliable hardware. Our leading edge software lets us program even the newest cars. We cut and program keys on location. Call for information specific to your car or truck. 

We carry a full line of quality key blanks for mobile St. Paul key replacement

Dealer key? We can do it.

Transponder Car Keys Replacement
We can program transponders for nearly every vehicle on the road.

Chip Key? We can do it.

GM Chip Keys
We carry A LOT of replacement keys, this specific box alone is just GM’s different chip keys.

Really Old Key? We can do it.

Vats Keys
These were some of the first automotive anti-theft keys to be used. We stock it all so we can take every call.

Northland Locksmith employs some of the Twin Cities’ leading automotive locksmith experts. We know our industry.  Our experienced professionals are able to think critically, and troubleshoot unexpected problems when they arise. We complete nearly every job. We offer 24/7 Emergency Key replacement service. Our goal is to provide you with lightning fast service at a fair price. We want to earn your business for life. Our automotive locksmiths don’t bat an eye to classic cars.  From classic cars to intelligent keys we have you covered.

Broken & Worn Keys Decoded and Re-cut

We can come to your location when you can no longer start your car, and fit a key to it that was your key with out any of the wear. We decode they key you have and re-cut a new copy of it, only to manufacturer specifications. You get a brand new key, not a copy of your key. If your key has broke we can re-cut you a new one as well. Call now for more information specific to your car.

This Saturn key was worn down, and no longer turned in the ignition. It needed to be re-cut to GM factory specs.

Call us now & get back on the road quickly.