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Locked keys in car? You need fast service. We provide car key replacement, lost keys can be cut and programmed on location all hours. Key won’t turn in Ignition? Our automotive locksmiths can provide Ignition Repair at your location.

We carry a full line of quality key blanks for mobile St. Paul key replacement

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We can guarantee a damage free car door unlock. Northland Locksmith guarantees every car unlock service we provide is damage free. Car -door unlock service should be a fast, easy, and absolutely strait forward. We respect your time, and give you honest time estimates even if it costs us your business. We respect your car, and take every precaution to avoid the leaving the slightest scratch. Keys locked in car? Call for service, we are -available all hours.

car locksmith tools
Auto Locksmith service should be simple. Affordable car door unlock service is available all hours.

What do you do to get a car key replacement? Lost car keys can frustrate anyone, we have all been there. But not as many of us have had to find where to get a car key made after losing the only vehicle key they had. Today replacement car keys are considerably more complicated then they used to be. Today a locksmith normally has program most car keys after cutting them. The new car key cost depends mostly on what type of vehicle you want to make a car key for. We work around the clock. Give us a call when you lose your last car key. We cut keys, and program transponder keys at your vehicle. Cut out the tow truck driver and forget about the dealership. Northland Locksmith will be your last phone call, we work hard to offer every customer the fastest service we can. We carry a full stock of automotive key blanks, and can make keys for nearly every vehicle on the road today. Call Northland Locksmith, and we can get you back on the road ASAP.

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We are able to replace lost car keys for nearly every car on the road today.

Have your keys been stolen? We provide many automotive locksmith services, in addition to selling replacement car keys we sell automotive security. We can remove missing keys from most and vehicles and re-key auto locks. Lost car keys to not need to concern you. We are a one stop shop, Not only can we get you on the road, we can keep your car from getting a thief on the road. Call us with information on how you can make your car secure again.

Transponder Car Keys Replacement
We can program transponders for nearly every vehicle on the road.

Ignition switch won’t turn? We provide on site car ignition repairs right at your breakdown location. In most cases we can have you back on the road faster than you could get your car towed to a mechanic. Our rates are competitive, and we guarantee our work. Your ignition and steering wheel lock often work together, you need a trusted local professional you can count on to keep your car safe and reliable. We are a trusted brand who works to provide fast service for every customer, but nothing takes a backseat to your safety. If your key won’t go in your ignition, or if your key won’t come out of your ignition we can help.  When your ignition is locked, or your is locked Northland can repair it. Call us to speak with a professional now.

This retainer cap will be pressed into place depressing the springs, then permanently seated in place

Broken & Worn Keys Decoded and Re-cut

We can come to your location when you can no longer start your car, and fit a key to it that was your key with out any of the wear. We decode they key you have and re-cut a new copy of it, only to manufacturer specifications. You get a brand new key, not a copy of your key. If your key has broke we can re-cut you a new one as well. Call now for more information specific to your car.

This Saturn key was worn down, and no longer turned in the ignition. It needed to be re-cut to GM factory specs.

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