Avoid Kwikset SmartKey locks

Kwikset currently has a line of locks out which I have personally opened with a large flat-head screwdriver, and a pair of vice-grips (for leverage). The locks are sold as “drill resistant”, having “superior pick resistance”, having “bumpgaurd”, and earning Grade 1 ANSI lock classification… this is all off of kwikset’s  own website.

Why are they different? The intention of the design is to give the property owner a simple way to rekey his or her own locks without needing to learn how to rekey locks… the problem is far too much security is sacrificed to make this worth while. If you want to be able to rekey your own locks, just look it up online and buy the proper tools and equipment. Do not purchase “SmartKey” locks.

  1. Kwikset locks are made from plastic and soft metals. Plastic and soft metals are not drill resistant, I’ve checked.  The way that REAL”drill-resistant” locks provide actual drill resistance using solid brass construction in cooperation with strategically placed steel pins and steel ball bearings.
  2. The design of these locks are much different from standard pin tumbler locks, so when they say these locks can’t be bumped, and are pick-resistant it is true; however there are far easier ways to bypass them requiring less time, and less skill.
  3. “Grade 1” not even sure what to say any more…  apparently “ANSI grade 1” doesn’t test to see if you can force this to turn with a screwdriver! you feel you want maximum Grade 1 physical security look into purchasing a Medeco or Multi-lock deadbolt. Grade 1 locks are not made of plastic!




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